Brand & UX
Ablegamers Charity
Project Scope
- Convention Strategy, Landing Page, Social Media, Booth, and Marketing Materials
- Ablegamers Charity
- Brand Strategist & Visual Designer


A colleague, Drew Brown, introduced me to Mark Barlet (Founder of AbleGamers). Mark needed a convention strategy and design that effectively communicate the unique message of Ablegamers Charity to their target audience and motivate them to take action. I start the process by helping Mark not only visually articulate their organization’s message but also voice out the real needs of the non-profit's core essence, which is making gaming accessible to everyone. I develop a strategy based on these two factors and designed a strategy from pre to post-convention.



Each aspect of your logo, package, even your exhibit design is related to your target audience. Images, words, fonts, and colors all are dependent on target audiences. For example, colors that would get the attention of a teen would probably annoy an older person and the colors that appeal to the older person would not get a second look from a young person. In a survey I did, consisting of 100 gamers, most people attributed to blue and red colors. I used 2 different shades or these family and partnered a clean san-serif type called Montserrat, which shows the beauty of urban typography that most people in these conventions can appreciate. While Montserrat rembles to the two of the most popular commercial typefaces of the last decade, Gotham and Proxima Nova. I believe Montserrat stands as its own unique design, with a distinctive character all its own.

I wanted to filter the average age where most developers and gamers meet and use that as a base point for my content strategy. In one of the research I gathered, Google partnered with Ipsos MediaCT surveyed a total of 4,803 participants in the U.S., ages 18-54, The study found that while Gamers certainly skew younger, over a third of them are actually above the 34-year-old millennial threshold, demographics, 30% of whom are female and 47% of them are now gamer parents.

In the same survey, it is also found that Gamers have high expectations for how brands engage them. They want content from brands that entertain them (83%), taps into their passions (75%), and gives them useful information about how to use their products/services (70%). With this in mind, I created possible user personas and brainstormed ideas ranging from simple giveaways to an interactive booth. However, I have to keep in mind the budget Ablegamers have and to make sure that giveaways are not too simple that users just throw them after the show.

Booth Engagement

Contests and games help attendees relax and forget about the stresses of business travel with lighthearted fun. In-booth activities work best when the contestants are active rather than passive participants. When planning the contest, I think about ways to get the participants engaged with the staff, product or service. I devise a prize that would be most helpful to attendees who fits the user and donor's persona.

I wanted to connect the raffle contest and simple games like spinning a prize wheel to the theme of the trade show campaign. Since most attendees are wary of giving away their contact information and to avoid potential unqualified leads, I devised a landing page that they could input their email and get a small reward such as a custom printed lanyard for that specific event. The main key point to remember is everyone wins with convention events even with a small consolation prize, at the end of the day, contests and games are one of the best ways to make connections on the show floor.

Digital Engagement

To make sure we further engage and reinforce the organization's mission and also see the result to quantify success, I want to connect virtually through social media by engaging the donor into wearing the gear they got during the show and hashtagging it. I believe that as soon as customers decide to engage with your business on social media, they’re essentially putting trust into your brand to solve their problem. In a survey by Sprout Social, they discovered through a survey social media is the most preferred channel (34.5%) for customers to engage with brands. This means you must ensure every potential or current customer conversation ends with satisfaction.

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