Kakoo Tea
Project Scope
- Logo, Packaging, and Website
- Kakoo Tea
- Brand Experience Designer

Tea of culture

Kakoo Tea is a new Chinese tea manufacturer that plans to expand to the western market. Kakoo’s core value is to promote a health with their tea. Kakoo also have other branches abroad, such as Korea Kakoo Tea International Group, Japan Cherry blossom Kakoo International Health research society. They also collaborate and have great relationship with many scientific research institutes, engaging in developing different healthy products that helps enrich life. My team and I use a two-prong approach in creating the brand experience: brand definition and user experience.


Visual Research


Once the creative tone was set, the team quickly went to work to capture a new identity system that reflects the "Casual Friendly” aesthetic. The team decided I should spearhead the logo design, being a strong typographer, I created a unique and simple yet sophisticated wordmark.


Mainly responsible for Kakoo’s brand package experience—I segue on Kakoo Tea’s promise of health while pairing it along with high-quality tea experience to serve as the anchor to the rebranded materials.

The trend we are seeing in all markets is that people are spending more money providing they are getting a better experience. Rather than choosing the most affordable ones. According to statistics from ITC (International Tea Committee), the United States is still the only western country to grow in both tea imports and consumption.

I standardized the look and feel of various touchpoints by focusing it’s visual experience element catered to all their demographic: Millennials, Gen Xs, Gen Ys, Baby Boomers, that ensures that tea is on the front burner for years to come. And as well, welcome Gen Z’s to the family of tea consumers, who may very well be the largest tea consumers yet, by offering ready-to-drink teas that fit the “fast-paced” lifestyle.

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