Artist. Gamer. Entrepreneur.

I'm Ernest, a Full-Stack UX Designer in D.C.

Idea-driven, working with a strong focus in design and end-user experience. Over the last 15 years, I’ve had the privilege to work and collaborate with some of the most amazing artists, designers, non-profits, and start-ups. My mission is to help advance your organization’s goal while working towards a better world through design. Currently, I lead as Senior UI/UX Designer for a Communications and Design firm that inspires social change to the world we live in.

Recognition & Awards

2019 DC Design UXResult Hackathon
Lead the team that won the Benten Technologies UX challenge.

2019 Graphic Design USA Recognition of Excellence
Award for UX Persona work for Maryland 529.

2019 Graphic Design USA Web Design Award
Part of the team that recieved GD USA's web design award for

2017 AIGA Mason Design Battle
Runner-up for the annual AIGA Mason Design battle.

My Capabilities

What I bring to the table


I develop branding that provides a strategic framework to effectively create and manage how brands are understood, expressed, and experienced in multiple touch-points.


I translate creative ideas and strategy into visual experiences that create meaningful connections to your organization’s mission that will motivate people to action.


I create seamless experiences by mapping the user’s journey, identifying pain points and opportunities for creating an ideal future state that deliver results.


Upstream + Downstream

Business and Brand Experience

I work with clients to develop new strategies for growth, designed around their brand purpose and translate that brand purpose into user-centric experience innovations throughout the customer journey.

Integration and Performance

I then bring that brand purpose to life through impactful work across all communications touchpoints and combine brand stewardship with science and execution to deliver conversion-focused marketing solutions.

Past & Present Clients

Collaboration + Creativity

or hold